Lied aus der Ferne
Song from Afar


Before these tears of yearning flowed
And jealous distance locked my love away,
How like a flowering wreath, a wood of nightingales,
Was mine, a life of dance and play.

Now, often, yearning drives me to the hills,
Desire to see my darling smile.
My longing gaze scans all around
Returning unfulfilled the while.

My heart is beating as though you were near,
O come, my beloved, your lover is here.
Iíll give you all that God gave me and more,
The way that I love you, Iíve not loved before!

Come quickly, my dearest, to your bridal dance,
Iím tending myrtle and roses well in advance.
Come, magic my cottage to a Temple of Peace,
Joyís Temple; you, its goddess and I its priest.