Neue Liebe, neues Leben
New Love, a new Life


What, my heart, is going on?
Whatís distressing you so much?
This is a strange and new existence
And Iíve totally lost touch.
Gone is all that gave you pleasure,
Gone, what made you shed a tear,
Gone, your hard work and your leisure;
How, oh how did we get here?

Have you been struck down by the beauty
Of this dear person, this young flower
Whose eyes show kindness, loyal duty
And exert an infinite power?
If I try to hold my distance,
Assert myself free from this bane,
In no time the road Iíve taken
Leads me back to her again.

And itís by this magic thread,
Which it seems just canít be broken,
That my wayward darling holds me
Despite all the words Iíve spoken!
I live subject to her magic powers,
Do everything she says Ė just so Ö.
My life - what disruption!
Love, O Love, O please let go!