Brettl Lieder Brettl Songs


Mind, my girl, donít you be frivolous,
Donít catch yourself a fancy-man,
Find yourself a proper man;
One whose kisses will be tireless,
Who with manual strength and zest
Will build for you a cosy nest.

Now, my girl, donít you be silly,
Donít walk round as in a dream.
One might be coming (look around)
Who would just suit you to the ground.
If he comes, act willy-nilly,
Snap him up! Yes, thatís the scheme.

My Girl, make best use of your time,
Take action now while in your prime,
Take care and know, to wit,
That if without a plan you flit
Aimlessly through life,
Youíll be a spinster, not a wife.