Des Baches Wiegenlied
The Brook's Lullaby

Die Schöne Müllerin The Miller's pretty Daughter


Weary wanderer, close your eyes,
Rest now, rest for you’ve come home.
Loyalty is here, so lie with me
Till streams are emptied by the sea.

On a cool pillow lay your head.
In a room of blue crystal make your bed.
Let everything that ebbs and flows
Come to give my boy repose.

If from the forest a horn should sound,
I’ll rush and roar till the noise is drowned.
Don’t, blue flowers, look in the stream,
For you’ll disturb the sleeper’s dream.

Now stay away you wicked girl,
Keep from the path beside the mill
Lest your shadow disturb him still.
Throw your fine shawl down to me
To cover his eyes so he won’t see.

Good night, good night till judgement day.
Sleep out your joy, sleep out your tears.
The moon rises, mist disappears.
See, heaven above is far away.