Des Müllers Blumen
The Miller's Flowers

Die Schöne Müllerin The Miller's pretty Daughter


See those flowers by the brook?
They all have light-blue eyes, you look.
The brook’s the miller’s friend, you know;
My sweet-heart’s eyes are light-blue, so
That’s why they are my flowers.

Under the window of her room
I’ll plant these flowers in full bloom,
To call to her when night is deep
And she is overcome by sleep –
You know just what to say -

And as she closes her dear eyes
To sleep in perfect peace, no sighs!
Then whisper as if in a dream –
Forget me not, forget me not –
Precisely what I mean.

When she looks out at break of day
Look up to her in a loving way,
Dewdrops in your eyes.
They will be the tears I shed
When I laid out this flower bed.