Die böse Farbe
The Hateful Colour

Die Schöne Müllerin The Miller's pretty Daughter


Into the world I’d like to go,
Out into the world so wide,
If only all the woods and fields
Were not green on every side!

Each green leaf I’d like to strip
From every twig and branch,
Weep acid tears to bleach dead-white
Each single blade of grass.

Green, I do despise you so!
Why stare at me where’er I go,
So proud, so bold, so full of spite
At me poor man, all flour-white?

I’d like to lie before her door
Whilst rain and storm winds blew,
And gently sing all day and night
The single word: ‘Adieu!’

Hear, a horn sounds in the wood,
She undoes her window catch,
Not to see if I’m around,
But a glimpse is what I snatch.

The green, green ribbon on your brow,
Please, do please untie it now.
Farewell, farewell, I leave this land.
In parting, let me touch your hand.