A Shower of Tears

Die Schöne Müllerin The Miller's pretty Daughter


We sat side by side, so close,
In the shade of the alder, and took
Our ease, so close, as we gazed
Down to the rippling brook.

The moon had also risen.
Closely followed by the stars –
All of us together
Were mirrored in the glass.

But I did not see the moon
Nor the bright stars’ twinkling light,
I was looking at her image,
At her eyes that were so bright.

I watched as she nodded, looking
Up from the joyous stream,
The flowers on the bank – so blue,
Nodded, fulfilment of my dream.

Below, sunk deep in the water
I could see the entire sky
And I felt it draw me closer
Down from the depths on high.

The water over the clouds and stars
Murmured so merrily,
Calling out in song and word:
Friend come down to me!

And then I stopped my tears, in vain,
As the mirror grew dull as loam,
She said: ‘Look, it’s going to rain.
Goodbye, I’m going home.’