Er, der Herrlichste von allen
He must be the best of all

Frauenliebe und -leben Love in a Woman's Life


He must be the best of all,
So gentle and so kind –
A noble mouth, an eye that’s clear.
Determined, with a brilliant mind.

He moves, as in the heavens
Does yon star so bright,
Across my field of vision,
Remote, a wonderful, majestic sight!

Continue on your destined course –
To gaze upon your light’s enough,
To watch from where I stand’s enough
To experience utter bliss and sadness, too.

For you shall not hear the silent prayer
I devote to your happiness,
An ordinary girl, nothing to you,
You star of all that’s marvellous!

Only she who’s truly worthy
Shall be favoured by your choice.
I will bless the noble creature,
I will bless her and rejoice.

I’ll rejoice and I will weep,
Happy, happy, happy I will be,
And even if my heart should break,
Then let it break, what’s that to me!