Die Schöne Müllerin The Miller's pretty Daughter


I’d cut it in the bark of every tree,
Engrave it in each piece of stone,
I’d sow beds of quick-growing cress
So she’d soon see,
On scraps of paper I would say,
‘I’m yours for ever and a day!’

A starling I would like to train
Till he could say it loud and clear,
Till he could say it in my voice,
Could make my burning passion plain.
Then he’d sing loudly at her door,
‘My heart is yours for evermore!’

I’d like to float it on the morning breeze
To whisper it through the murmuring trees,
To let it radiate from every flower,
Carrying on their scent from near and far.
Water! is turning mill-wheels all you do?
Bear her the message: ‘I love you!’

I’d thought it must show in my eyes,
That all could see my burning cheeks
And read it from my silent lips,
That with each breath she’d realise,
But she remains quite unaware
That she’s the one for whom I care.