Der Lindenbaum
The Linden Tree

Winterreise A Journey into Winter


By the well, beyond the gate
Stands a linden tree.
I used to dream beneath its shade –
Ah, what sweet memory!
I used to cut into its bark
My beloved’s name,
And when happy or even sad,
Was drawn there all the same.

Today I had to pass it
In the depth of night
And, despite the darkness
Had to avert my sight.
And its branches rustled
As if calling out to me:
"Come here! This way, my friend,
There’s peace here, you will see.”

The icy winds were blowing
Straight into my face,
They blew my hat right off my head,
But I would not give chase.
Now that tree’s behind me
Many hours’ walk away,
Yet still I hear it rustling:
"Here’s peace,” the branches say.