Dream of Spring

Winterreise A Journey into Winter


I dreamt of pretty flowers
As they bloom in spring.
I dreamt of leafy bowers
Where merry birds do sing.

But as the cock began to crow
And I opened up my eyes,
I found that it was cold and dark
With ravens in the skies.

But hasn’t someone painted leaves
There on the window pane?
Flowers in winter! You will laugh,
"Dreamer, you’re insane!”

I dreamt of love and loving
Such a pretty miss.
And then I dreamt of kissing,
And Oh, what joy, what bliss!

But when the cock began to crow
My heart saw it quite plain:
I’m sitting here all by myself,
Dreaming my dreams again.

So then I shut my two eyes fast
To make the sweet illusion last –
When will the leaves be green once more?
When will I hold her whom I adore?