Night, silent, deepens,
Refreshing hill and vale.
Love’s star glimmers
As waves the lake assail.

Voiceless, nature’s singers
Lie hidden in the trees
And silence, full of secrets
Rests o’er the flowery leas.

My weary eyes alone
Sleep does not deign to close.
Come and salve my sorrow,
O god of sweet repose.

Dry my tears so gently,
Make for joy a space,
Boldly deceive my yearning
With dreams of blissful grace.

Conjure up before my eyes
My beloved as she flees,
Let me press her to my heart –
Love brings me to my knees!

Sweet one, who’s ever in my mind,
I long so much for you.
O let me see your face again
To keep hope’s smile in view.