Ruf vom Berge
A Call from the Hilltop


Were I a little bird
And also had two wings,
I’d fly to you.
But as that cannot be,
I’ll stay right here.

Were I a little star,
One with a lot of beams,
I’d shine on you,
And, kindly, you’d look up,
Greet me on high.

Were I a little stream,
One with a lot of waves,
I’d rush through fields,
Approach your little foot
And kiss it dear.

Were I an evening breeze,
I’d take the flowers’ scent,
Waft it to you,
Descend on breast and mouth,
Where I’d find peace.

No hour of the night
Goes by without my heart
Thinking of you
Giving me your heart
A thousand times.

So stream, bird, breeze and star,
Come to you where’er you are.
I alone am held down fast,
Weeping and downcast.