Gretels Warnung
Gretel's Cautionary Tale

von Halem

With twinkling eye, music and song
Handsome young Christel wooed.
No other boy was half as nice
In all the neighbourhood.
No, not one
Was so much fun
Or held me in his sway.
But, all too aware,
He brought pressure to bear
Till he had had his way.

True, there was many another boy
As good-looking as him,
But all the girls wanted to toy,
Make eyes and flirt with him.
Soon, their flattery won the day
And they had wrenched his heart away;
His affection had been turned.
Despite my appeals
He took to his heels
And here he left me – spurned.

His twinkling eye, music and song,
Which had seemed like a dream,
His kiss which lasted all night long,
Have cost me my self-esteem.
Look sisters, at my sorry fate,
And sisters, if of late
Some rat has set his cap at you,
Don’t trust his word, whate’er you do;
Just look at me, at wretched me,
Just look at me and flee.