Von ewiger Liebe
On Eternal Love


So dark it is in wood and hill,
Evening’s here and all is still,
Not a light is seen or wisp of smoke,
The lark herself sleeps in the oak.

A boy comes from the village hall
Past the willows growing tall,
Taking home his sweet-heart dear,
Talking non-stop in her ear.

If they mock and make you sad
Because of me and you feel bad,
That’s the time for us to part
As quickly as our love did start.
Fly with the wind, my dearest heart,
As quickly as our love did start!

Now the young girl answers him:
Love can’t be ended on a whim.
Steel and iron may both be strong,
But cannot match our love for long.

You can bend both iron and steel,
But our love is true and real.
With time iron and steel decay,
But our love is here to stay!