Stehe still!
Be still!

Wesendonck-Lieder Wesendonck Songs


Hurrying, scurrying wheel of time
Marking out eternity;
Glowing spheres in distant space
Circling us with gravity;
All sempiternal generation, cease!
Enough of that - let me know peace!
Desist, now, creative powers;
The Word creating without end.
Hold back your breath, calm your desires,
Be silent just one moment’s length.
Throbbing pulse, restrain your beat
To end desire’s endless day

So I, in sweet oblivion,
May take full measure of my joy;
See bliss within another’s eyes,
Immerse my soul within another’s,
Another’s being that mirrors mine;
An intimation that hope’s goal is near.

Then are lips hushed in wondrous silence,
The drive for newer hopes is stilled,
We see Eternity in Nature,
The search for answers is fulfilled.