Singet nicht in Trauertönen
Do not sound a note of sadness


Do not sound a note of sadness
By singing about lonely Night.
No, dear ladies, it is meant for
Company and shared delight.

How can you enjoy the day-time
Which just interrupts our joys?
It is fine for idle pastime,
Otherwise it just annoys!

But when through the hours of darkness,
In the lamp’s soft glowing light,
Pairs of lips express their loving,
Sate their joyous appetite:

When the wanton little rascal,
Who is wont to dart away,
Tempted by some little trinket
Happily remains to play:

When the nightingale for lovers
Lovingly trills forth her song
Which, when heard by troubled others
Underscores all that is wrong:

Then, admit your heart is stirring
Gently listening for the chimes
Which by measured twelve-fold striking
Promise safe and peaceful times.

In the tedious hours of daylight
Take this message to your heart:
Each day has its share of troubles,
Night for pleasure ’s set apart.