Die Kartenlegerin
What's on the Cards?


Ah, Mum’s asleep………. No more sewing. …….
Let’s see what the cards foretell:
Here’s my dearest Jack of Hearts -
Off with a rich widow! What a sell!
I’m stuck at school, O misery!
The King of Diamonds pities me!
He carries me off in luxury,
I’m bound to be a princess soon –
But there’s a plot and times are fraught –
This blond lad here gives me support –
A secret’s leaked! It’s time to go –
Good-bye to riches – what a blow!
Now I’m in a great big crowd –
Why’s that woman cough so loud?
She’s driving all my lovers off!
Never will I enjoy my youth!
I’m so tearful!
There we are, now Mother’s giving me an earful!
Oh me, oh my – the cards, you see, they never lie!