A Song of a Grave


He died; death for the Fatherland
Made sweet by Liberation's war.
His loyal friends, we dig the deep black pit
Where he can rest for evermore.

Sleep there, you shattered bones!
Where pain once raged and lust.
A cruel leaden bullet brought
The defiant hero's heart to dust.

Sleep there at peace, heart that's been destroyed,
Amid March violets in abundant bloom,
Your wishes and desires now made void
As we strew flowers on your tomb.

There is a mound of earth just where you lie,
Not burdened by any marble plaque,
We’ve planted there some rosemary
And let the small bush make its mark.

It flourishes, but such beauty’s sad,
Feeding on your loyal blood -
Yet, we see a girl approach the grave,
She sings such quiet songs of love,

She does not know this grave, nor how
She was loved by him who lies beneath,
Who, as she winds sprigs about her brow,
Gifts this rosemary for her bridal wreath.