Eine kleine deutsche Kantate
A little German Cantata


You that revere the Creator
Of the immeasurable universe,
That call him Jehovah, God,
Fu or Brahma,
Listen and hear the words
Of the Sovereign of all things.
On the loud trumpet
Hear them resound in all eternity
Throughout the Earth, the Moon and Sun!
Hear them, People! Hear them, you, as well!

Love me in my works,
Love order, proportion, harmony!
Love yourselves and your brothers!
Strength and beauty shall be your ornament
And clarity of understanding your nobility.
Hold out the brotherly hand of everlasting friendship;
It was delusion, not truth, that withheld it for so long.

Break the bonds of this delusion,
Tear the veil of prejudice,
Strip off the garment
That clothes mankind in factions!
Forge sickles from the iron that hitherto
Shed the blood of men, of brothers!
Blow up rocks with the black dust
That oft would speed the murderous lead
Into the hearts of brothers!

Do not imagine it is misfortune
That holds sway upon my Earth -
It is enlightenment alone that heals
When it spurs you on to better deeds -
People, you that roam the world in misery,
When, in blind folly, you back onto the thorn
That should have urged you ever onward.
Be wise, be strong in brotherhood!
Then will my contentment rest on you,
Then only tears of joy will wet my cheeks,
Then your cries will be shouts of joy,
Then you will make vales of Eden out of deserts,
Then the whole of Nature
Will be laughing in your eyes,

Then it has been achieved; the true felicity of life.