Das feurige Männlein
The Fiery Manikin

Modern Times CD


The fiery manikin rides through the world,
sets fire to each forest, sets fire to each field,
rides this way and that way through village and town –
Oh, if only the manikin could hold his horse down!

But this horse’s pace is lightning-fleet,
he’ll swig down men’s blood – that gives him the heat,
he’ll gorge on men’s flesh - that keeps up his strength
to cover thousands of miles within a day’s length.

Where’er his hooves clatter, there greenery dies,
no woman, no child sees the sun in their eyes,
there, life’ s not worth the price of tin-plate
and the houses burn down like the wood in your grate.
They lament full of woe, the people, trees and the stones,
but the manikin just laughs in horrible tones.