Ballade von der Krüppelgarde
Ballad of the Cripple Brigade

Modern Times CD

Weber David

We are the Cripple Brigade,
the best brigade in the world;
we number a thousand million
if you count those who are dead.

The dead can’t come along with us,
they have to stay in their graves,
and we cannot march in step
as mostly we have only one leg.

Our Lieutenant is one of the dead,
our Captain has got a stump,
our Field Marshall crawls along the ground,
now that he’s only a trunk.

We are the brigade of cripples
and every second man
is fitted with a hefty bit of wood
strapped onto the bare bone.

They said: These prosthetics
are much better than legs and arms.
They said: The blind, using fingers,
read better - works like a charm.

And if only the dead could recover,
They’d put them in harness as well,
Rather than let them hopelessly
rot in a mass grave where they fell.
They said: Right, off you go again,
back to work and don’t you skive.
They said: These artificial limbs
allow the production-line to thrive.

You, just wait; even limping,
we’ll march smartly against you.
And so what, if as well as our left
We’ll all be losing our right leg too.

We are the Cripple Brigade,
the very strongest corps,
and we are in the front line -
Revolution to the fore!