Bänkel vom Business
The Lay of Business

Modern Times CD


Fritz was a business genius
And engaged to Ann-Marie.
But only till yesterday.
Yesterday there was a row.
Learn from this, Sisters.
And, all of you, do likewise!
This is what happened:
Ann-Marie came to the office,
Went into his room.
He was being nice, as always,
When the telephone rang.
Fritz jumped up and cried, "Sorry!
My dear, business calls,
Please, do let go of me!
In Birmingham copper is down,
In New York brass is up!
You know I’ll never forget you,
But business calls, etc.
If I don’t catch the phone,
My darling treasure, sorry!
Sorry, we’ll soon be done."
Soon after that Ann-Marie

Was sitting on his knee again.
Five minutes later there was a repeat
Of that infernal row,
The ugly sound of the ring-tone.
"Switch it off!" the fiancée entreats,
"I think it’s an insult,
It’s noisy and hideously intrusive.”
But Fritz said gently: "Sorry!
The telephone is important.
I need it for my business.
Please, I beg you, let me go!
I’ll just have two quick words
With Vanderbilt and Ford.
You do know I never forget you,
But, business calls etc etc.
If I miss a call
I’ll lose the business!
My darling treasure, I’m so sorry!
I’m sorry, I’ll soon be done."
The normally so gentle Ann-Marie
Became furious.
And she shouted, her face full of anger,
"Go to your ting-a-ling!
Thank you very much! I’m off! Here is
The engagement ring! It’s all over, my man!
You will never set eyes on me again!
Not for two seconds will I
Maintain a wrong connection!
Just listen to what I still have to say to you,
Then I shall stop! Conclusively!
You are well and truly in love with your Business
so why do you need a wife?
Love, your mind, sport, jazz,
All these you abandoned long ago!
Meanwhile, even while you’re kissing
You’re conducting business on the phone,
Why don’t you get engaged to your telephone,
Then, my Napoleon of Business,
Your betrothed won’t run away from you!
Good bye, goodbye now, we’re finished!