Die Ballade vom Seemann Kuttel Daddeldu
The Ballad of Sailor Kuttel Daddeldu

Modern Times CD


A ship sailed into Le Havre
From Sidney, at three minutes past eleven at night!
On the quay there was the smell of raspberry vinegar
And of the cadavers of dogs!

Kuttel Daddeldu went ashore.
He knew the rue Albani!
He knew just about all the places in the port.
As there was a girl standing in front of the first house
He got himself a dose of clap in the first house.

Because, of course, it didn’t affect him straight away,
He went on, cruising ill-founded for the long haul.
Eighteen month’s pay he’d saved up.
At number six he gave a good time to Elwie and Kätchen,
At number eight a new, strict, leather-bosomed woman
got him drunk.
Next door at Pierre’s there are no less than seven comely girls,
Not counting the one with the plastic genitalia!

Daddeldu, the old sailor boy-Kuttel,
Gave away the albatross bones,
The elephant and the Saragossa bottles.
He’d actually promised it all to Mary,
The other Mary, she was his proper fiancée.

Daddeldu – Hallo, Daddeldu,
Daddelu became merry and noisy.
He tried, distorting his face terribly,
Partout, to sing a negro-song:
And Blue Boys, Blue, but nothing came out.

It was impossible to get Daddeldu to the guard post.
Daddeldu, Duddel Kuddelmuttel, Kaddeldu
Woke in surprise, singing, at four in the morning
In between a nose bleed and Pomm de Schwall on the pier.
Daddeldu bullied the steersman for a loan,
Sweated out all the alcohol
And had a wash.

In the afternoon Daddledu went ashore again
and bought a set of reindeer antlers, a snake-skin,
two palm fans and Eskimo shoes.
That was from Australia for his woman.