Die Ballade vom Sammy Lee
The Ballad of Sammy Lee

Modern Times CD


What do you know about Sammy Lee?
Nothing, Sir?
Do you know what God is? More or less.
Sammy Lee is three times more!
All last night fifty young girls spent the hours till day
wakeful and anxious.
They all said their prayers:
"Wearily I go to bed ...........,
Dear God, see to it tomorrow
That Sammy Lee will like me.
God, you created us girls
Slim and slender and straight as an arrow.
We wont forget.
But Sammy Lee! Sammy Lee!
He’s holding a Girls’ Parade tomorrow;
The misery if his eye’s not in!
Sammy Lee is terribly strict,

Dear God, and Amen.
And morning came.
Slouching against the joanna is Sammy Lee.
"Quiet, Ladies!"
Charly hits the keys.
Bessie lifts her knees.
All around, in silence,
Fifty slim girls are sitting round in threes;
They all want to be Girls at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
Going through the head of each one of them:
My girl, you know it’s now or never!
Bessie is dancing for Sammy Lee,
Turning to the song "In my Ohio Home".
And Sammy Lee is paying attention.

If he laughs, that’ll be it,
Then Bessie is alright.
What does Sammy Lee do?
He rejects Bessie out of hand -
Sammy Lee waves Bessie away.
Poor Bessie! ...... how could he not like Bessie?!
In amazement, the Lord of All Creation from afar
Sees this happening on his favourite star.
Watching through his bins, he mutters:
"I’d done a good job on Bessie, I thought;
Now today I feel such a fool.
If I continue to go on falling short,
I’ll be the object of such ridicule.
Sammy Lee is too hard on me."
Sammy Lee, Sammy Lee, Sammy Lee.