Der Genugsame Liebhaber
The Contented Lover

Brettl Lieder Brettl Songs


My lady-friend has a black cat
With soft and velvety fur,
And I am totally bald as a bat,
Shiny, smooth with a silvery blur.

My lady-friend strikes a voluptuous note;
Lies on her sofa all year,
Keeps busy stroking her cat’s velvety coat;
God, how she loves that soft fur to be near.

And when I go round to my friend’s of a night
The puss-cat is there in her lap
Nibbling at her cake made with honey, eyes bright;
She shudders gently when I touch her, mayhap.

And wishing to show how fond I am of my date,
And that she should make whoopee with me,
I slip the moggy on top of my pate;
My friend strokes it and laughs heartily.