Jedem das Seine
Each to his own

Brettl Lieder Brettl Songs


Level parade ground,
Kaspar’s to be found
Mounted on his steed.
King, Duke in attendance,
Facing is the audience.
Regiments go whomp, whomp, whomp;
Marching at no mean speed.
The air is soaking up the sun,
Flash of helms and bayonets stun,
Glisten, sparkle, shining in the heat.
A shady grandstand seat;
‘Bravo!’ ‘Hurrah!’ Jokes, japes compete,
Binoculars, sparkling eyes,
Repartee, back and forth it flies.

Next to me, who might this be?
Charming, not terrifically classy,
But pleasurably chic.
Being given an appreciative critique,
Secretly affords a deal of pleasure
And your hips swing to the measure,
Bonding tightly to the music.

Kaspar, take what’s yours by right
And lead your troops with all their might
To protect yourself and us.
But now, beloved treasure, let’s repair
With all speed from this military square.
I know a secluded place just over there,
Far from all this noise and fuss.

So that’s where we go to get off our feet,
That is, me and the girl who was in the next seat.
In the distance sounds: tara, tara;
To be a soldier, oh what fun -
And oh, what fun not to be one
When we two together can…..
et cetera.