Arie aus dem Spiegel von Arcadien
Aria fromThe Mirror of Arcady

Brettl Lieder Brettl Songs


Since I’ve seen so many women,
My heart beat’s been so warm,
It hums and buzzes here and there
Like honey bees that swarm.
And if her fire equals mine,
Her eyes beautiful and clear,
Then it beats like a hammer-blow,
My little heart, d’you hear!
Boom, boom, boom….

I’d like a thousand women just for me
If the gods didn’t mind,
And l’d dance like a marmot
Every which-way you could find.
That would be the life for me,
Then I’d have some fun,
I’d leap like a hare around the field,
My old heart doing a ton.
Boom, boom, boom…..

He who doesn’t appreciate women
is neither cold nor hot;
He lies there like a block of ice
in the arms of some girl he’s got.
But I am a different sort of man,
I dance attendance around the room;
my heart beating happily against theirs
and going boom, boom, boom…..