Je ne t’aime pas
I don't love you


I don’t love you Take away your hand, I don’t love you,
It’s what you wanted, just a friend you said.
It’s for others to enjoy the hollow of your arms,
Your darling kiss, your sleeping head.

Don’t talk to me during the evening
Too confidingly or in a voice that’s low,
And please, don’t give me your handkerchief;
It has too much of the scent I love and know.

Tell me about your affairs, I don’t love you,
The time that was most filled with spice.
I don’t love you ..........
And if he loved you well, or if he was mean ...
And when you tell me, don’t be nice,
I don’t love you.

I didn’t weep, I didn’t suffer,
It was just a dream, a moment of madness.
It’s enough that your eyes are bright,
With no regrets for the evening, with no sadness.

It’s enough to see you happy.
It’s enough to see your smile.
Tell me how he captured your heart,
And those things we keep to ourselves a while ....

No, you’d better not ... I’m on my knees ....
The fire is out, the door is locked ....
I don’t love you,
Don’t ask me, I’m crying .... That’s all

I don’t love you,
I don’t love you, oh my beloved! ...
Take away your hand ...... I don’t love you ....
I don’t love you! ....