Penitential Song

Sechs Lieder von Gellert Six Gellert Songs


Against you alone, against you have I sinned
And often in your sight done wrong.
You see the sin that justifies your curse,
God, note also my distress.

From you my pleas, my sighs are not concealed,
My tears fall in your sight,
My God, how long am I to sorrow,
For how long will you stay apart?

Lord, do not treat me according to my sins,
Or deal with me according to my guilt.
I search for you, grant that I should find your face.
God of patience and forbearance.

Once you wished to fill me with your grace,
God, father of compassion,
Show mercy now, for your name’s sake,
You are my God.

Let me once more follow in your path with joy,
Instruct me in your holy law
So that I may daily do your pleasure.
You are my God and I, your servant.

Lord, protector, may you soon be at my side
And lead me along straight pathways.
He hears my call, the Lord listens to my cries
And he accepts my soul.