I stood, it was one balmy night,
Beneath a linden tree.
The moon shone bright, the breeze was soft,
The mountain stream ran free.

The lime stood by my beloved’s house,
I heard the front door creak,
My beloved was seeing out some man,
And now I heard her speak:

"Don’t keep me waiting tomorrow.
Sweet man, I love you so dear.
Tap on my window gently.
My beloved is far from here."

Stop your hugging and kissing, my darling.
And you, you elegant thief,
You hurry off, in your velvet suit,
There’s a man waits for you on the heath.

The moon is bright, the grass is green,
All’s well, so best beware;
You wear a sword with such a brave mien;
My blessing on your affair.

And when the light of day arrived,
What did they find on the heath?
A dead man lying among the flowers.
A false lady stricken with grief.