Fühlt meine Seele das ersehnte Licht
Does my Soul feel the longed for Light

Drei Gedichte von Michelangelo Three Poems by Michelangelo


Is my soul feeling this longed for light
Through God who created it? Or is it the ray
Of an other beauty from the vale of tears
Which breaks into my heart evoking memory?

Is it a sound, a vision in a dream
Which all at once fills my eyes and heart,
Burning with unimaginable pain,
Reducing me to tears? I don’t know.

What I long for, feel, what governs me
Is not within me; tell me how to possess it?
I will surely be shown how only by the grace of another.

In that, since seeing you, I’ve been engrossed.
I am moved by a Yes, a No; a Sweet, a Bitter –
For that, Mistress, your eyes are to blame.