Abendlied unterm gestirnten Himmel
Song at Evening under a Starry Sky


As the sun goes down
and day draws to a close,
Luna makes her still appeal
and so night falls.

Under myriad stars
and the sunbeams’ glow
my soul seems to grow,
frees itself from the dust.

It likes to gaze up at the stars
as if to the land of its birth,
into radiant space,
forgets the troubles of earth.
It wants to struggle and strive,
fight free from its skin;
Earth restricts – the stars
are the place it wants to be in.

Whilst earthly storms rage,
evil reaps rich reward,
my soul gazing on high:
sees Justice wield her sword.

No longer troubled by fear
or subjected by force,
to heaven’s light
it follows its course.

A vague feeling of awe
reaches me from that sphere
as time runs out, the end
of my journey draws near.

Soon I will have reached my goal,
the upward journey of my soul.
Soon at God’s throne I will gain
the rich reward for all my pain.