May Song


To me, so glorious
Nature seems;
The laughing meadows,
The sunshine’s beams,

Blossom bursting
From every stem,
A thousand voices
With their Amen,

Their joy, delight
In every breast,
O Earth, O Sun,
Rebirth expressed.

O Love, O love,
Such glorious sights
As morning clouds
On distant heights.

Gloriously you bless
The greening fields,
A cloud of bloom
The rich earth yields.

My girl, dear girl
How I love thee!
How your eyes show
That you love me.

Just as the lark
Loves song and flight
And morning flowers
The heavens’ light,
So I love thee
Who lent me youth
And made me free

To sing new songs,
And dance again.
Be happy always
Your love retain.