What’s tugging my heart so?
What drags me away,
Wrenching, driving me
From my home in dismay?
See, beyond the crags
Where the cloud-forms change,
That’s where I’m drawn to,
Over that range.

Now ravens pass
In companiable flight
And I fly with them
For a day and a night.
Over mountains and ruins
We fly all around,
She’s waiting below;
I’ve my eye on the ground.

There she comes walking,
I swiftly fly down,
Now as a song bird
I perch on a bough.
She stops and she listens,
Smiles (such a pleasure to see),
"He’s singing so sweetly,
He’s singing for me.”

And now the setting sun
Turns the hills to gold;
My love pays no heed.
With thoughts untold
She follows the stream
Over the field
As the path winds away
From the last light of day.

Suddenly I appear
As a glittering star;
"What’s that shining up there,
So near yet so far?”
And as in wonder
You catch sight of its gleam,
I’ll be there at your feet –
My perfect dream.