Mollys Abschied
Molly's Farewell


Farewell, my man of joy and pain,
Man of love, my life’s mainstay.
God be with you and may my blessing
Resonate within your heart while you’re away.

As souvenir, instead of gold,
For what is gold but costly folly?
I’d give you what your eye admired,
What your heart found to love in Molly.

From my face, the field of all your kisses,
Take, whilst you’re away from me,
This copy of one half in silhouette
To stimulate your fantasy.

Take, flatterer, of the locks of hair
Which you often left in disarray.
Finer than Athene’s flax,
Than gold or silk, is what you’d say.

To remind you of my eyes, this blue
Bunch of forget-me-nots beseech,
Besprinkled by the dews of yearning
That through them from my heart do leach.