An die Apfelbäume, wo ich Julien erblickte
To the Apple Trees where first I saw Julia


May a mystic murmur and the sound of song
Stir the tree tops of your shady grove
Where, wild and fearful, first I knew
The frenzied bliss of love intoxicate my heart.

The evening sun shimmered like lucent gold
Through purple blossom, like lucent gold
On the silver veiling at her breast;
And I dissolved in a spasm of ecstasy.

May, after long separation, a faithful youth
Kiss with an angel’s kiss his beloved,
And in this flowery darkness pledge
Faith everlasting to the one he’s chosen.

And may, when we are dead, a little flower
Spring up on every lawn where she set foot,
And may each petal bear the name
Of my beloved made glorious.