Schöne Wiege meiner Leiden
Fair city, fair cradle of my woe

Liederkreis op 24 (Heine) Liederkreis op 24 (Heine)


Fair city,
Fair cradle of my woe,
Shrine where my peace of mind lies buried,
Fare you well, I have to go.

Farewell, you hallowed ground
Where my dearest likes to wander.
Farewell, you holy place
Where first it was I saw her.

If only I’d never seen you,
Queen of my heart, so fair,
It never would have come to pass
That I’d know such despair.

I never meant to rule your heart,
Nor was it love I sought.
To quietly share the air your breathe –
The perfect life, I thought.

But, it’s you that drives me from here;
Cruel words strike to my core,
Madness scrambles all my senses
And my heart is sick and sore.

So, I shall drag these weary limbs
Supported on a wanderer’s stave
Till I can rest my weary head
In some cool and distant grave.