Warte, warte, wilder Schiffsmann
Now, just wait, barbarous boatman

Liederkreis op 24 (Heine) Liederkreis op 24 (Heine)


Now, just wait, barbarous boatman,
I’ll meet you shortly on the quay.
I’ve to take my leave of two fair maidens;
One is Europe, the other, t’is She.

Let the blood stream from my eyes.
Let the blood flow from my flesh.
Then I can write my anguish
In blood that is red hot and fresh.

Why, dear, is it just today
You shudder at the sight of gore?
My bloodless face, my bleeding heart,
You’ve seen them many times before!

D’you know the story of the serpent
In Paradise, as I believe,
Whose evil gift of one red apple
Brought low Adam and also Eve?

All calamity is caused by apples.
With hers, Eve has brought us death,
With hers, Eris brought Troy’s fire,
You have brought both fire and death.