Aus alten Märchen winkt es
The old tales are so seductive

Dichterliebe A Poet's Love


The old tales are so seductive
Which tell of a magical land
Where flowers that glow in the evening light,
In myriad varieties stand.
Where trees perform ancient melodies
Accompanied by the breeze and the birds,
And misty shapes rise up from the ground
To dance and sing wondrous words.

And blue sparks flash on each leaf and each twig,
Red lights flicker at random and glow,
Noisy springs burst out from marble cliffs
To mirror this strange light as they flow.

If only I could get there,
Refresh my heart and mind,
Leave all my troubles behind me,
And bliss and freedom find...

I see that land of rapture
So often in my dreams,
But when the morning sun appears
It dissolves behind its beams.